Bali 100% Pure Cacao 70g

Our most intense expression of chocolate is pure cacao with no added ingredients. Take a look at our Bali 100% Pure Cacao by Junglegold Bali

Description : The Purist is pure cacao. It is the quintessence from which all other chocolate is derived. Carefully selected cacao beans are roasted, winnowed, ground and conched. Hand tempered, moulded and wrapped. Its intensity is unrivalled, although its powerful nature belies a surprisingly smooth character. This chocolate is like looking at the sun, best done is short bursts with a healthy dose of respect! The Purist isn’t for everyone, but you’re not everyone are you? This is a healthy & delicious artisan chocolate, packed with antioxidants and no refined sugar.

Ingredientssignature dark chocolate
PriceRp 68.000

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Weight70 g