For over a decade we’ve been working directly with farmers in Bali to produce the finest cacao beans which we use to create premium bean-to-bar chocolate. Our beans travel a short distance from the farms to our factory where we roast and grind small batches from individual cooperatives to handcraft our award-winning chocolate. Being close to the farms enables us to maintain the highest quality while supporting farmers with a price premium that means farmers benefit from our chocolate as much as you enjoy it. Being fully plant-based our chocolate can be enjoyed by everyone.


In 2010 when we started making chocolate local cacao farmers had all but abandoned their farms. Pests were rampant, quality was poor and the price paid for beans was a fraction of market value. We spent two years working with farmers to develop a simple yet sustainable farming model using microorganisms and improved pest management instead of intensive chemical agriculture. We worked tirelessly to improve post-harvest techniques such as fermentation and solar drying to dramatically improve the quality of the beans. Within two years production in the farms had doubled and with much higher quality we were able to pay a much higher price – often double what farmers were previously being paid.


Coconut sugar is made from the coconut blossom flower (not the actual coconut). It’s healthier than refined sugar because it’s low glycemic and contains trace minerals. Unlike refined sugar it’s also farmed and produced by local communities not far from our factory. In 2014 we started working with local coconut sugar farmers to improve the quality of their sugar so we could use it in our dark chocolate instead of refined sugar. When we started working with coconut sugar the purity was low and the moisture content too high for our machinery. Over time we were able to improve the quality of sugar and incorporate it into all of our dark chocolate recipes. Like cacao we work directly with local cooperatives and pay a price premium for this delicious, natural sweetener.


In 2017 we asked ourselves whether milk chocolate really needed to contain dairy. We then set out to create a chocolate as creamy as a dairy milk using fresh tropical ingredients that grow around our factory. The result is our proprietary coconut, cashew milk and cocoa butter blend that has all the creaminess of dairy while being fully plant-based. We call our non-dairy milk chocolate ‘Creamy Chocolate’. By moving from dairy to plant-based we’re innovating the future of chocolate while supporting local farmers and taking positive action towards health, climate change and animal welfare. Take the challenge – can you taste the difference? To learn more about our plant-based initiative click here.


Since 2021 we’ve been developing a Junglegold Franchise concept that builds on a decade of chocolate and retail experience to create a store concept inspired by our deep connection with chocolate and coffee. Our new stores will incorporate our full range of chocolate products complemented by delicious chocolate beverages, freshly roasted Bali coffee, pastries, desserts and ice-cream. The store design will create comfortable spaces to connect with friends, family or to enjoy a quiet moment enjoying delicious chocolate. If you’re interested in a Junglegold Franchise please Contact Us for more information (launching June 2022).


In 2010 we started making chocolate in Bali under the brand ‘Pod Chocolate’. The name ‘Pod’ was inspired by the ‘cocoa pod’ and our desire to educate people about the origin and process of making chocolate from tree to bar. After a decade making chocolate we felt the need to reconnect with our core values. We felt the name ‘Pod’ no longer expressed our values as a brand, so we went back to where it all began – our first forays into the jungles of Indonesia. Cacao originates in the jungles of South America and like gold was used as currency by the Aztecs. The name ‘Junglegold’ is inspired by the origin of chocolate, our love of nature and the care and craftsmanship we put into every bar. Read the full Press Release here.


Prior to the pandemic sales were almost doubling yearly with plans to expand our current factory into stage two and increase production capacity dramatically. Given our past reliance on tourism the pandemic was especially challenging. With sales falling by 95% in the opening months we were driven to action to develop our online business, explore new sales channels and increase efficiency. While 2020-2021 will not be measured in financial success the future strength of the company was built in those years. We installed new machinery, developed new packaging, renovated our factory, updated our outlets and opened a new airport store all the while preparing for rebranding, export and franchise in 2022.

In 2022 we return to our previous goals of expansion and investment to support international growth but as a stronger, more efficient business more in-tune with our customers and connected with our core values.



Co-Founder & CEO, Junglegold Bali (formerly Pod Chocolate)
Director, PT Bali Coklat

Tobias was born in Adelaide, Australia and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu & the Swiss Hotel’s Association in 1999 before moving to Bali in 2001 where he established his first business. After spending 5 years in tourism he sold his business in 2006 to develop projects and companies to protect forests and support communities through carbon trading, conservation and renewable energy. Tobias spent the next 6 years working with Michael Robison while travelling extensively across Indonesia and raising over $5 million for conservation and community based sustainable development including a carbon-based (REDD+) forestry conservation project that at its peak spanned 250,000 ha and an agro-forestry renewable energy project utilizing degraded land. He also served as an advisor on environmental policy to the then governor of Papua Province as well as to the Governors’ Climate & Forest Task Force through to 2011.

In 2010 Tobias tasted fresh cacao fruit for the first time and together with Michael invested in small scale machinery to see whether it was possible to create high quality chocolate where the cacao was grown. With the impact of the financial crisis and the uncertainty of climate policy in 2011 Tobias decided to make chocolate a full-time endeavour and together with Michael built their first factory. This became Pod Chocolate, Indonesia’s first premium bean-to-bar chocolate maker later rebranding in 2022 as Junglegold.

Tobias has two decades of business experience in Indonesia and is an Indonesian Citizen. After 10 years producing chocolate he has a comprehensive understanding of the chocolate making process from bean to bar, is expert at recipe development and has a passion for design making bars as beautiful as they are delicious. His entrepreneurial skill set encompasses both finance and management with a focus on developing systems and strategy that support and sustain growth while being adaptable to changing circumstances. His goal is for Junglegold to become the world’s first premium global chocolate brand from a cocoa growing country as well as a new and delicious way for people to experience and enjoy chocolate through the Junglegold Franchise.

Tobias is married to Inda and has two teenage children. Besides family and chocolate Tobias’ enjoys photography, vintage cameras, reading, swimming and yoga. You can learn more about Tobias at www.tobiasgarritt.com.

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Michael Robison

Co-Founder, Junglegold (formerly Pod Chocolate)

For over 20 years Michael has initiated and invested in technology companies and environmental projects including as Founder and Director of Climate Friendly (www.climatefriendly.com) which neutralizes greenhouse gas and developing a highly acclaimed sustainable estate in Australia (www.emeraldvalleyvilla.com). Michael sold the estate in 2010 when he moved to Asia where, together with Tobias he became involved in conservation, sustainable development and renewable energy in Indonesia. This led to his investment into and co-creation of Junglegold Chocolate & Junglegold over the past decade with Tobias.


Director, PT Bali Coklat (Junglegold Bali)

Gusde has been involved in Junglegold (formerly Pod Chocolate) since the beginning and became a Director and Shareholder of the company in 2016. With 24 years of leadership experience in tourism businesses Gusde has broad experience complimented and strengthened by his almost incomparable knowledge of Bali’s unique culture. As expertly as he directs Junglegold’s domestic sales and edu-tourism activities he also coordinates and manages the company’s licensing and compliance requirements working between local and central government bodies facilitated by his long term and established networks. Gusde has three children and is an avid runner (especially mountain and trail running) and nature lover. He is Bali’s Coordinator for the 'Gerakan Relawan Kemanusiaan’ (Humanitarian Volunteer Movement) which among other humanitarian initiatives helped lead Bali’s recovery from covid-19.

Inda Trimafo Yudha

Commissioner, PT Bali Coklat (Junglegold Bali)

Inda is from one of Bali’s prominent royal families and Granddaughter of National Hero and namesake of Bali’s airport, I Gusti Ngurah Rai. Inda was the first female chairperson of the Bali chapters of JCI and HIPMI (Indonesian Association of Young Entrepreneurs) and successfully built her family business before focusing on her political career in 2019. Inda is currently a sitting member of Badung Regency Parliament (DPRD). Inda met Tobias while studying in Australia in 1997 and together they have two teenage children.

Suratto Siswodihardjo

Commissioner, PT Bali Coklat (Junglegold Bali)

A retired Airforce General Pak Suratto has held extensive senior Board positions in national level state run enterprises ranging from Airport to Port Authorities. He is recently ‘re-retired’ as Commissioner of the National Port Authorities (Pelindo) having been brought out of retirement by the current President. His passion however is helping the less fortunate. Amongst his many personal philanthropic activities he has established a wonderful school (Sekolah Alam Cikeas), an orphanage for abandoned babies, a medical and dental clinic, a ‘free’ restaurant and renovated countless houses of disadvantaged communities.



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