Terms & Conditions

  1. We ensure that every product is sent in good condition in terms of quality and packaging. If there is damage during the delivery, it is beyond our responsibility.
  2. If you receive chocolate that is soft, melted, or has white patches on the surface of the chocolate, then you can follow the ‘TIPS FOR HANDLING CHOCOLATE’ that is on the FAQ page.
  3. Where possible we recommend that you use the ‘1 Day Delivery’ service to avoid long exposure to hot conditions. We also advise to use insurance.
  4. We accept product returns if the product you receive is not according to the order such as incorrect type or number of products. Immediately contact us by sending photo proof of receipt and the contents of the package received a maximum of 1x24 hours after the package is received. After this time, your request cannot be processed.
  5. Promo price includes aluminum bubble packing and ice gel. If you want to use a styrofoam box you can order separately.
  6. Storage must comply with the FAQ listed on our website.