Does Belgium REALLY make the best chocolate???

Published September 29, 2020

Hi Chocolate Lover,

In my latest video we travel from Paris to Brussels to find out whether Belgium really does make the best chocolate in the world! It’s a longish video but stick with it, the answer may surprise you!

Coming to Bali? Make sure you plan a visit to our Chocolate Factory or one of our stores where you can taste over 20 different chocolate bars and see how we make them.

Thanks for watching, and if you’d like to see anything in a future video leave a comment down below! Click the video below to watch.






P.S. For anyone who noticed I didn’t spend hours colour grading this video, so while the video’s not perfect it is published which was my goal this weekend! I’m learning so much about shooting and editing videos, while this video is extra long my goal for 2020 is to get more regular – and shorter – content out for you to enjoy! So much happening right now and lots of exciting news for future videos and posts.


?Pod Sanur (shop & café) –

?Pod Chocolate Factory –

?Pod Origin (our first factory) –


“Save the earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.”

“A small band of Southeast Asia-based chocolate makers is turning the $100 billion chocolate industry on its head – by producing world class chocolate bars from locally grown cocoa beans.”

“Sweet Success… Toby’s vision is to produce high quality chocolate where it’s grown… and has made Pod into the creator of some of Indonesia’s best chocolate.”

“Local & Awesome… Pod has grown from one small machine to a world class factory where modern European machines meet highly trained chocolatiers to create amazing chocolate.”


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