Published September 22, 2020

Hi Chocolate Lover,

You haven’t heard from me in a while because we’ve been super busy. Not just developing some exciting new partnerships and welcoming lots of new schools and visitors to our factory, I’ve been perfecting something we started working on years ago… the perfect chocolate spread!

What is the perfect spread? First it had to be mind blowingly delicious (we never do anything if it doesn’t taste amazing). Secondly much, much lower in sugar than existing spreads. Did you know that popular chocolate spreads are over 50% sugar? Ours is less than half of this. Thirdly, it not only needed to be sustainable, it needed to be giving back to something we truly love and is very much under threat – the jungle. And this meant no palm oil and supporting the rehabilitation of orphaned orangutan.

The missing link was dairy. Bali doesn’t produce milk and I wanted to find something tropical that could be as creamy, if not creamier than dairy. I mean, the key is creamy, not cowy, and cows are a major cause of climate change. We were totally successful, meaning not only is this product vegan, it also means a much lower environmental impact than dairy.

Did I mention it’s crazily delicious?

Sustainably sourced ingredients, ethically produced and giving back to the planet, Junglespread is the most delicious, healthiest chocolate hazelnut spread you’ve ever tasted. Why Jungle, you ask? Because we see this product being ‘From the Jungle, For the Jungle’ and it’s the first step in developing a new mission under our global brand ‘Junglempire’ that stands for helping the planet and those without a voice.

Making a difference and changing the world – with chocolate.

Right now Junglespread is only available in our stores in Bali (and selling out every day). Soon we’ll be available online in Indonesia and next step will be to bring Junglespread to the world.

See you soon



P.S. JUNGLEMPIRE will be getting its own website in the near future and I promise to let you know more about Taymur, the incredibly brave and beautiful 4 year old orangutan we sponsor.

“A small band of Southeast Asia-based chocolate makers is turning the $100 billion chocolate industry on its head – by producing world class chocolate bars from locally grown cocoa beans.”

“Sweet Success… Toby’s vision is to produce high quality chocolate where it’s grown… and has made Pod into the creator of some of Indonesia’s best chocolate.”

“Local & Awesome… Pod has grown from one small machine to a world class factory where modern European machines meet highly trained chocolatiers to create amazing chocolate.”


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