Chocolate Machine Unboxing!

Published September 22, 2020

Hi Chocolate Lover,

Check out the latest addition to our machinery family in this unboxing video. Getting a new machine is exciting but also a bit nerve racking! It’s come a long, long way… after the unboxing and cleaning, you flick the switch, and to be honest, the feeling you get when it all works is one of excitement with a big dose of relief. This particular machine is important for us as it increases our moulding capacity which means, yep, even more delicious chocolate bars coming your way from our factory! Enjoy, and if you haven’t already subscribe to the channel and leave a comment below on what you want to see in a future video!


Choc Toby


“A small band of Southeast Asia-based chocolate makers is turning the $100 billion chocolate industry on its head – by producing world class chocolate bars from locally grown cocoa beans.”

“Sweet Success… Toby’s vision is to produce high quality chocolate where it’s grown… and has made Pod into the creator of some of Indonesia’s best chocolate.”

“Local & Awesome… Pod has grown from one small machine to a world class factory where modern European machines meet highly trained chocolatiers to create amazing chocolate.”


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