For over a decade we’ve been working directly with farmers in Bali to produce the finest cacao beans which we use to create premium bean-to-bar chocolate. Our beans travel a short distance from the farms to our factory where we roast and grind small batches from individual cooperatives to handcraft our award-winning chocolate. Being close to the farms enables us to maintain the highest quality while supporting farmers with a price premium that means farmers benefit from our chocolate as much as you enjoy it. Being fully plant-based our chocolate can be enjoyed by everyone.

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why plant-based?

In 2017 we asked ourselves whether milk chocolate really needed to contain dairy. We then set out to create a chocolate as creamy as a dairy milk using fresh tropical ingredients that grow around our factory. The result is our proprietary coconut, cashew milk and cocoa butter blend that has all the creaminess of dairy while being fully plant-based. We call our non-dairy milk chocolate ‘Creamy Chocolate’. By moving from dairy to plant-based we’re innovating the future of chocolate while supporting local farmers and taking positive action towards health, climate change and animal welfare. Take the challenge – can you taste the difference?

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